CudaHashcat Commands

For Linux /etc/shadow file hashes use mode (-m) 500 or 1800:

  • cudaHashcat-2.01>cudaHashcat64.exe -m 1800 -a 0 /path/to/hashes.txt /path/to/wordlist.txt -o /path/to/output-file.txt

For Windows LM and NTLM hashes use the following modes (-m)

  • LM -m 3000
  • NTLM -m 1000

For the LinkedIn Breach of Passwords use the following SHA1 mode (-m)

  •  -m 100

For WordPress Password Hashes use the following mode (-m):

  • -m 400

For a list of all the different modes:

  • cudaHashcat64.exe -h