Windows Hacking Tools Update 2017

windows hacking tools

Use a Virtual Machine for your Windows hacking tools

It is important to realize that you should use windows hacking tools inside of a virtual machine whenever possible in order to prevent possible damage to your primary operating system. However, tools like Hashcat should be run on your primary operating system to get the most out of your graphics card when attempting to crack password hashes.

  • Keep your primary operating system completely clean
  • Snapshots allow you to fix mistakes quickly with no problems
  • Capability to compile Windows binary files that you can not compile in Linux
  • Some hacking tools are exclusively developed for Windows

What is required

Downloads for Windows Hacking Tools

  • Immunity Debugger: Develop buffer overflow exploits. Download
    • Amazing python script to assist in developing buffer overflow exploits with Immunity Debugger. Download
  • Metasploit: Executing exploits, controlling compromised hosts, performing reconnaissance, and much more. Download
  • Hashcat: Great for cracking passwords. Download
  • Cain and Abel: Multi-purpose Hack Tool. Download
  • Burp Proxy Free: Proxy web traffic through to be analyzed and manipulated. Great for Web Application hacking. Download
  • NMAP: Legendary vulnerability and port scanner. Download
  • Nessus: Free local network vulnerability scanner. Download
  • PowerSploit: Bundle of powershell privilege escalations, remote shells, reconnaissance, persistence, and more. Download
  • Nishang: Similar to PowerSploit, but just as essential. Download
  • Firefox Hacking Addons
  • Python Pycharm, amazing environment to write and test scripts. Download
  • Wireshark: Network Packet Analyzer. Download

Coming Soon: Scenarios you would use each of these tools in