Install Kali Linux Virtual Machine

Instructions to Install Kali Linux in VMWare and Virtualbox

In case you might be wondering, why should I install Kali Linux in a virtual machine? By and large Kali Linux is one of the most used hacking (penetration testing) operating system. Free to download, easy to use, and as a result, will be the primary hacking operating system used on this site throughout tutorial’s and lessons.

  • Step 1: Install Virtualization Software to host a penetration testing Operating System. Choose one.
    • Official VMWare Workstation Download
    • Official Oracle Virtual Box¬† Download
  • Step 2: Download a Kali Linux Virtual Machine (VM) corresponding to your virtual machine software of choice.
  • Step 3: Install Kali Linux OS into your Virtualization Software of choice.

Installing into Oracle Virtual Box

Installing into VMWare Workstation

Virtual Machine vs Dual Boot and USB

  • ¬†Virtual Machine Pros.
    • Ability to take snapshots. This allows you to revert back to that precise moment.
      • This allows you to jump back in time when you make mistakes.
    • Allows you to drag and drop files with your host OS.
    • Great for beginners and experts alike.
  • Virtual Machine Cons
    • Booting Kali from a USB allows your system to be more mobile
    • Although a VM image can be locked down tightly from outside forces, consequently its physical access could be a gaping security hole as with most computers.

In conclusion, I would first install Kali Linux in a virtual machine while you become acquainted with Linux. Opposite of Windows, Linux catastrophic mistakes are more common due to the fact that it requires use of the command line, and because of the lack of understanding most people have of Linux. Therefore, making snapshots of your Kali Linux virtual machine image is crucial. Because of

After You Install Kali Linux, Do not Stop There

  • You should now head over to the next step to secure your machine.